HSSM attorneys ignore age and infirmities, stagger up Mt. LeConte

After winning a lottery place for one of the cabins at the LeConte Lodge in the Great Smoky Mountains, TN (http://www.lecontelodge.com/) ” Adam “one hip” Horner, Mark “I never exercise” Kutny, Glenn “the added n” Thompson, Allen “I’ve now been 30 for 22 years” West, and Erik “whaddya mean a grown man can’t wear Crocs” Rosenwood, along with some friends, took the Rainbow Trail 6.6 miles up to the highest guest lodge in the eastern United States, sitting at 6,593 feet.

bear in the distance Bear Heading down LeConte mountains LeConte sunset Porch Starting out Trailhead

The award for “best dressed” went to Horner,

and for “dumbest idea” was a tie between West and Rosenwood who split the task of carrying up a 12-pack of Coors Banquet Beer and a 10 pound bag of ice. Cooler