HSSM Attorneys Active Speakers on the CLE Circuit

The CLE reporting deadline looms at the end of this month.  And while many attorney’s scramble to fulfill their minimum requirement, HSSM is proud of its contributions to the bar in this field over the past year.   Partner Glenn Thompson is the vice-chair of the Mecklenburg County Bar CLE Committee, helping the Bar provide a full slate of classes for its practitioners while funding their many other important services offered by the Bar.   In addition, Allison Holstein, as the chair of the family law section of MCB , organized an entire series of luncheon CLE programs culminating in the annual Food for Mind and Body domestic law 4 hour program coming up on February 21, where she will speak on custody evaluation issues.   Keith Merritt and George Sistrunk spoke this summer on quasi-judicial proceedings and recent changes in the lien law statutes at the first annual Whitewater Center CLE, held as the US National Whitewater Center.  Mark Kunty taught the mechanics of civil procedure for the National Business Institute and Becky Cheney spoke on regulatory changes to general aviation airports at the NC Airports Association annual conference.

To top it off, Ms. Cheney teamed with Erik Rosenwood to branch out beyond pure CLE to speak to the students of the UNCC School of Architecture professional practice class about AIA Form Contracting Documents and other relevant legal principals they need to know as they begin their careers.